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Director & CEO’s Message

Welcome to the Industry-Academia Collaboration Initiative Nonprofit Organization (IACI) website!owner

We are a non-for-profit organization established with the mission of promoting “industry-academia collaboration,” just as the name of the organization proclaims.

However, when saying “industry-academia collaboration” in our organization, we do not limit our activities to industry and academia.

The future of our society requires the carrying out of activities with synergistic effect through a diverse cooperation between industry, academia, government, public establishments, and regular citizens. IACI was founded as one of the bodies that would take on itself the implementation of such activities while being a neutral and transparent organization.

Moreover, we do not see the promotion of industry-academia collaboration as a self-purposed initiative. Here are a few examples of what we engage in: urban planning with the incorporation of the newest technologies; impartial surveys and research which are not influenced by organizational bias; educational training programs featuring specialists from various universities and industries, et cetera. Our principle is to engage in such projects when the collaboration of academia and industry appears to be the most effective and efficient solution. We do not promote “the industry-academia collaboration for the sake of industry-academia collaboration,” but rather a kind of collaboration where something which cannot be achieved by industry or academia alone becomes possible through the efficient and effective partnership of industry and academia.”

It has been 15 years since the IACI’s foundation, and we have been fortunate to receive many requests to contribute to many industries and spheres, both public and private, while earning their understanding and approval concerning our mission. Our activities are project-based and grounded on three main principles: to offer value to society, to work on something that is exciting, and to do the work than can only be done by us. It is our sincere wish to continue our activities with the support of various parties who sympathize with our goals, and who offer the support, assistance and project opportunities necessary to make our mission a success.

The Industry-Academia Collaboration Initiative Nonprofit Organization
Director & CEO    Ken SENOH


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